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This installation instruction assumes that your EtheRx PnP adapter is
in its native PnP mode. If your adapter has its PnP mode disabled,
it will function like a legacy Novell NE2000 Ethernet adapter.
In this case, Windows 95 might not autodetect the presence of the
adapter. You may have to manually add the adapter by opening
"Control Panel" then "Add New Hardware" and select
"Novell/Anthem NE2000 compatible".
Driver Installation Procedure:

I. Install KNE20 adapter into Windows 95 :

1. Power down the computer and install the EtheRx adapter into
any available 16-bit slot.

2. Power up the computer. As the computer boots, the 'New
Hardware Found' window will appear and the following message
will be displayed:

Realtek RTL8019 PnP LAN Adapter or Compatible

3. This message indicates Windows 95 has detected your EtheRx
Plug and Play adapter and will begin copying and configuring
the appropriate software to support it.

4. As the computer begins to copy files, you will be prompted
to insert the appropriate Windows 95 diskette. Make sure you
follow all on screen prompts.

5. Next, you will need to enter your computer's network name,
workgroup, and computer description (optional). Once you
have done so, select 'Continue'.

6. Follow the remaining on screen prompts and the installation
is complete.

II. Installing Netware Client32 for Windows95:

You can then install Client 32 using NDIS 3 driver.
We recommend you to use it because it is simpler to install
and we found no obvious advantages to use the ODI driver.
1. If you decide to use the NDIS 3 driver, this is the step to install
Client 32 using NDIS 3 driver, skip to step 2 if you want to use
the ODI driver.

Run SETUP.EXE from the Novell Client 32 setup disk and make sure
you UNCHECK the box that says
'Replace NDIS driver automatically'. Following the instruction
on screen to complete Client 32 installation. Ignore the
following steps on this Installation guide.

2. Copy the necessary supporting files to the diskette called
'Novell Client 32 for Windows 95 setup disk'. (We recommend you
to make a back up disk and use the back up instead.)
The supporting files are KTC20.LAN, KTC20.INF, and NWSETUP.INI.
If you need to keep the original NWSETUP.INI on the setup disk,
rename it before you copy the supporting files to the setup disk.

3. Run setup.exe from Client 32 setup disk, make sure you check the
box that says 'Replace NDIS driver automatically'. Follow the
instruction on screen to finish Client 32 installation.

4. The installation is now complete.

After your adapter installation has been completed successfully,
you can view and use network resources in Windows 95 by clicking
on 'Network Neighborhood'. Windows 95 will search for and then
display the network resources it finds. See your Windows 95
documentation for more information about using and sharing
resources with Windows 95.
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